2023 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Green Energy (ICSGGE 2023)
Keynote Speakers of 2023

Keynote Speakers of 2023
Professor, Weiliang Wang
Jinan University, China

Brief introduction: Weiliang Wang, Professor, the Vice Dean of International Energy School, and the leader of the discipline of New Energy Science and Engineering/Energy and Power Engineering. He is mainly engaged in research on "carbon neutral" and energy development strategy, efficient utilization of new generation basic energy, new energy technology development, key technology of large-scale energy storage, and multi-energy complementary integrated energy system. He has been awarded the ASME IGTI Academic Award (Gold), the China Energy Outstanding Young Scientist Award, the Advanced Worker Award of Guodian Institute of Science and Technology, the First Prize of China Electric Power Innovation Award (1/15), the Second Prize of China Energy Innovation Award (1/15), the First Prize of Guodian Institute of Science and Technology Progress (1/7), etc. He is the author of "High-efficiency and Clean Coal-fired Power Generation Technology", etc. He has published More than 40 high-level articles including SCI and EI; more than 30 authorized invention patents. He has long been a reviewer for Applied Energy, Energy, Applied Thermal Engineering, Fuel, Energy and Buildings and other journals.

sociate Professor, Haoxi Cong
North China Electric Power University, China

Brief introduction: Haoxi Cong is an associate professor and a doctoral supervisor. He is mainly engaged in teaching circuit and electrician courses, as well as research work on advanced power transmission and transformation technology and electrical equipment intelligence. He has hosted three National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects, participated in four NSFC projects, one sub-project of National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) and many research projects of State Grid Corporation, published one academic monograph and more than 50 research papers in important academic journals and conferences at home and abroad. He has been selected as a member of IEEE Senior Member of China Electrical Engineering Society (CEEES), IEEE P2869 Working Group, CIGRE A1.73, CIGRE China National Committee Youth Committee, China Electrotechnical Society Youth Committee, IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Technical Committee (China) Overhead Lines Technical Sub-Committee, and IEEE PES Insulation Materials. He is also a member of the Youth Engineering Committee of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society, a member of the IEEE PES Technical Committee on Transmission and Distribution (China), and a member of the Young Editorial Board of the Journal of Insulating Materials. He has long been a member of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology, Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering, and Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology", "Journal of Electrical Engineering", "Journal of Electrical Technology", "High Voltage Technology", "Power Grid Technology" and other domestic and international journals as reviewers.

Speech Title: Vegetable oil transformer transition metal degradation mechanism and protection technology.

Associate Professor, 
Sun Yat-sen University, China
Brief introduction: 
QingFu is an Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen University, China. In recent years, he has participated in publishing more than 40 papers, nearly 30 SCI and EI indexed papers, participated in writing one international book published by Intech Publisher, applied for 12 invention patents as the first inventor, 4 have been authorized, and 3 software copyrights have been available.
He is the director of Guangdong Green Power Conversion and Intelligent Control Engineering Technology Research Center; the vice president of Provincial Advanced Power Innovation Technology Research Institute; the first batch of special scholars in the city, the city's high-tech zone science and technology commissioner; the executive director of the provincial power supply society; the editorial board member of the Solar Energy Journal and Solar Energy; the expert of the city's innovation and entrepreneurship development expert pool; the urban "industry think tank". Expert. Second Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress

Professor, Jinghong Zhou
Changchun Institute of Technology, China

Brief introduction: Dr. Zhou Jinghong has been working in the State Grid Corporation system for nearly ten years, engaged in grid planning, power-related soft topic research and post-project evaluation of grid projects. He has an interdisciplinary background in electric power engineering, economic management and power engineering, and has in-depth knowledge of each field. His main areas of expertise are: power planning and power market analysis, power system reform, power demand-side management, power economic analysis, power demand forecasting, power project evaluation, energy policy analysis, etc.